Wait, uh, where's the Rumpus?

Wild Rumpus needed to take a break from co-hosting the party this year, as they're all hard at work on other super awesome projects. We did not, however, want that to mean that no party would happen at all.

Instead, Venus Patrol has partnered with JUEGOS RANCHEROS to bring you all the videogame funtimes you have come to rely on since our first party in 2012.

What's a juego ranchero whatever and is this party going to be all like weird & different now?

JUEGOS RANCHEROS is an independent game collective from Austin, TX. In addition to hosting monthly videogame events, the group is also responsible for curating and organizing Fantastic Arcade.

Not coincidentally, Wild Rumpus has also worked with JUEGOS RANCHEROS to throw parties just like this one in Austin.

If you've been coming to our parties over the past few years, we think you'll find this one will live up to your expectations.

What am I going to call it now though, if it's not a Wild Rumpus?

You can call it whatever you'd like, as long as you come and have fun. (We just call it That Party.)